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Ora A. Weisz, PhD

Dr. Ora Weisz


Fax: 412-383-8956
978.1 Scaife Hall
3550 Terrace Street


PhD, John Hopkins Medical School

BS, Yale University

Academic Affiliation(s)

Professor, Department of Medicine, Renal-Electrolyte Division

Professor, Department of Cell Biology

Vice-chair of Faculty Development, Department of Medicine

Assistant Dean for Faculty Development, School of Medicine


The focus of our laboratory is the regulation of apical membrane traffic in polarized epithelial cells. We are interested in unraveling the mechanisms by which proteins are selected for apical delivery, incorporated into vesicular carriers, and targeted to the appropriate membrane. Various projects in the laboratory address different aspects of this highly complex process.

Lab Personnel:

Jennifer Bruns, Research Specialist
Simone Costa, Research Specialist
Anatalia Labilloy, Graduate Student
Polly Mattila, Instructor
Venky Raghavan, Graduate Student
Youssef Rbaibi, Research Specialist
Christina Szalinski, Graduate Student
Robert Youker, Instructor


Rbaibi Y, Cui S, Mo D, Carattino M, Rohatgi R, Satlin L. M, Szalinski C. M, Swanhart L. M, Folsch H, Hukriede N. A, and Weisz O. A. OCRL1 Modulates Cilia Length in Renal Epithelial Cells. Traffic. 13: 1295-1305. |  View Abstract

Mo D, Ihrke G, Costa S. A, Brilli L, Labilloy A, Halfter W, Cosentino C. C, Hukriede N. A, and Weisz O. A. Apical Targeting and Endocytosis of the Sialomucin Endolyn are Essential for Establishment of Zebrafish Pronephric Kidney Function. J Cell Sci. [Epub ahead of print] |  View Abstract

Mo D, Costa S. A, Ihrke G, Youker R. T, Pastor-Soler N, Hughey R. P, and Weisz O. A. Sialylation of N-linked glycans mediates apical delivery of endolyn in MDCK cells via a galectin-9 dependent mechanism. Mol Biol Cell. 18: 3636-3646. |  View Abstract

Cui S, Guerriero C. J, Szalinski C. M, Kinlough C. L, Hughey R. P, and Weisz O. A. OCRL1 function in renal epithelial membrane traffic. Am J Physiol Renal Physiol. 298: F335-F345. |  View Abstract

Miedel M. T, Rbaibi Y, Guerriero C. J, Colletti G, Weixel K. M, Weisz O. A, and Kiselyov K. Membrane traffic and turnover in TRP-ML1-deficient cells: a revised model for mucolipidosis type IV pathogenesis. J Exp Med. 205: 1477-1490. |  View Abstract

Khandelwal P, Ruiz W. G, Balestreire-Hawryluk E, Weisz O. A, Goldenring J. R, and Apodaca G. Rab11a-dependent exocytosis of discoidal/fusiform vesicles in bladder umbrella cells. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA. 105: 15773-15778. |  View Abstract

Cresawn K. O, Potter B. A, Oztan A, Guerriero C. J, Ihrke G, Goldenring J. R, Apodaca G, and Weisz O. A. Differential involvement of endocytic compartments in the biosynthetic traffic of apical proteins. Embo J. 26: 3737-3748. |  View Abstract