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Medical Scientist Training Program (MSTP)

In addition to the PhD programs that are offered at Pitt, the University of Pittsburgh/Carnegie Mellon University combined, offers a Medical Scientist Training Program for those undergraduate students that would like to pursue their MD/PhD.  For students who have a clearly-defined interest in biomedical research, the MSTP serves as a bridge between the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine and several graduate programs in basic sciences or engineering at either the University of Pittsburgh or Carnegie Mellon University. During a period of six to eight years, these individuals meet the degree requirements of both a graduate school and the medical school, thus acquiring the knowledge, skills, and experience to begin careers in some of the most exciting areas of medical research. 

Read more about the MSTP program and view a list of MVM faculty that participate in the MSTP program.

GS - S1 (Summer)

First Lab Rotation

The summer before starting at the medical school, students who wish to pursue the MD/PhD are highly encouraged to do a lab rotation at that time. Ideally, this is the lab in which the PhD research will take place. Interested applicantss are encouraged to contact program faculty according to their areas of interest or the MVM Director for advice on lab selections.

MS1 (Fall/Spring)

Medical School Courses

First year of medical school

GS - S2 (Summer)

Second lab rotation if needed

Second lab rotation. Discussion of the thesis topic with the future graduate advisor is highly encouraged.

 MS2 (Fall/Spring)

Medical School Courses

Second year of medical school

MS2.5 (Summer)

8 week clinical rotation

First 8 week long clinical clerkship

MS - S3 (Summer)

Third lab rotation

By the third lab rotation, the research conducted during the third rotation should be related to the PhD thesis topic selected with the thesis advisor.

GS1 - GS4

PhD program in MVM - Graduate from PhD Program

MD/PhD students enter the MVM program with an academic standing of second year PhD students. The class work from medical school years one and two are accepted as equivalent to the first year PhD curriculum. Other requirements (rotations, comprehensive exams, thesis committees) are the same for MD/PhD students as they are for the PhD students and are described in more detail in the MVM handbook. To remain in the MD/PhD program, it is critical to defend the thesis by October of the sixth year (e.g. if you start your PhD program in August 2010, you must defend before October 2015). During the PhD program, students are required to complete three longitudinal clinical clerkships.

MS3 - MS4

The third and fourth years of medical school include 60 weeks of required clerkships. Elective rotations may include additional research or clinical experiences.

For more information, contact Dr. Carolyn Coyne, Director of the MVM Program.